postheadericon Self Defense Knives – Considerations That you ought to Make Before Purchase

What type of blade are you looking for? Do you have any experience in handling self defense knives? What purpose will be knife be serving? These and many more are just some of the questions that you will have to ask yourself before you choose any self defense knife. Sue you could use any knife for self defense, but having one that is specialised for that function will provide you with an edge when face with a life threatening situation. The advancement of technology in the industry is what has made it a little bit tasking to make a choice of the right self defense knife for you. To make the choosing a little bit easier, where you will find all the information that you require to make the all-important choice.

The site contains reviews of several self defense knives with their pros and cons. As you will notice, the different knives have different blade types, which is something that you will have to consider before purchasing one.

postheadericon VCUS Is Your One Stop Destination For Elegant Designs In Singapore Office Chairs

Your look for designer and elegant Singapore office chairs would surely end at VCUS- the name you can trust for all sorts of designer furniture meant for offices, showrooms and homes. The company has more than ten years experience in supplying designer furniture and it has also been successful in establishing worldwide networks for its products.

The Choice is All Yours
At VCUS you get the flexibility of choosing office chairs of your choice. The company specializes in different varieties of office chairs in exclusive designs offering great comfort and luxury. At VCUS, you can remain assured about good quality which would help in enhancing the feel and the ambience of offices. Helping the customers in feeling the difference and the exclusiveness of using designer office chairs is what VCUS aims at. Affordability is also an important factor that is brought into effective consideration when it comes to supplying Singapore office chairs.

postheadericon Secure Retirement Investment Preparation Recommendation

birch gold group complaints and scams  It is generally thought as taking place lengthy holidays, spending time with grand youngsters. This is the case with just difficult working and also those with sound economic background. In order to have a secure retirement life it is essential to have retired life planning and need to be taken meticulously.ERISA (worker retirement earnings security act), 1974 allows business to terminate their defined advantage strategy and also launched specified contribution plan. Many people normally think that, they acquire certained check payment from their employer after retirement like their grand parents, however this is not the situation with specified contribution strategies. With this strategy, there is no warranty and also fixed monthly retirement income from your employer.With specified contribution strategy every worker ought to work as investor, he should decide on the investment to be bought for his retired life. The issue with this new plan is that, every employee is a financier. Due to modifications in the stock exchange problems, moves up or down the financial investment value can alter substantially under these unsure problems; for this reason there is a need to believe various to secure retirement life. This article summarizes several of the tips under which you can intend your retirement life.

Establish your demands: calculate your existing expenditure and also set up just how much you could need after you retire. You can collect info on the amount of you could require approximately from various other senior citizens and also discover just how they made changes to their life after retired life. Allow your family add some useful ides regarding retirement life.Specify your demand: summarize exactly what could be your needs after retired life. It is all about just how you want to lead life after retirement, like costly medical assistance, jet set style which impacts your retired life preparation. The most effective time to prepare your retirement is from your first task. The early you plan, you are left with even more time to construct your savings. The retirement preparation is largely concerning the investment and also danger associated with it. The greater the rewards, even more the threat involved with investments. Something which establishes your high quality of your retirement life is where you spend your money.Superior yield and also unfailing security: this protected investment has over 15 % typical price of return without market danger. This is the only assets vehicle which preserves its worth regardless of how stock market carries out.Self proclaimed Roth Individual Retirement Account’s: finest retirement considering that they supply adaptability, take full advantage of returns, commands and also tax advantageous. With Roth Individual Retirement Account’s your financial investments will run away taxation when they are in your account.Gold: gold has been the ultimate bush versus uncertainty. It is most popular financial investments among the houses as well as it provides highest return with less money danger when as compared to various other investment avenues.

postheadericon Protective And Secure Cable Ramps

Safety is very vital to all human beings in any kind of construction where cables are mostly used,naked cables are very disastrous and can cause loss of life or damage of property and that is there are the best cables for protection known as cable ramps, this cables are made in a quality way that it makes one feel safer when using them,they can be used to cover naked cables that connects several buildings in the site.

This cable ramps have the following advantages:

Heavy weight and of high quality.

They are made of heavy but quality materials thus why they last for long despite the fact that they are always stepped on,it can put up with any kind of weight be it from cars,heavy trucks or even tractors that carry materials in the construction site,they are also water resistant and cannot wear out easily.

Cheap and affordable.

This cables are pocket friendly and can be found at any electronic warehouse,therefore secure your life and property by using the best cable ramps

postheadericon Factors To Do in Singapore

Savor Singapore: The Views as well as the Scenes. They claim the very best point to do in singapore cruise is to shop. Real enough, buying could be an amazing experience in Singapore. The wide stretch of stalls and shopping malls along Orchard Road will certainly satisfy your craving for almost anything! Be it clothing from costly designer brand names to the better value for money yet stylish local Singaporean labels, fashion jewelry, accessories, devices, or even meals; Singapore’s Orchard Road makes sure to keep you pleased.

Apart from purchasing, there are whole lots more to do while in Singapore. One wonderful way to start your day in Singapore is to have breakfast with the orangutans. Singapore Zoo boasts of having the global’s most effective orangutan-breeding program and also provides a morning excursion with the option to have a wild morning meal between these outstanding animals.

Get your adrenaline pumping at the G-Max Opposite Bungee. Be prepared to be introduced 200 kilometers per hr to an elevation of 60 meters for around 5 mins and feel your stomach turn upside down at Singapore’s initial ever bungee! Take this exciting memory with you home with a DVD recording of yourself in the air taken by an on-board video camera for simply a few added dollars.

Pause and delight in a leisurely trip that’s sure to allow you learn more about Singapore more by offering you a wonderful view of the city-state. There are many choices to select from so you could pick one of the most practical time for your boat trip. The Early morning Magnificence Cruise gives you a fantastic view of stunning islands as well as consists of a stop-over to Kusu Island to view an old Chinese Holy place, the High Tea Cruise line has the very same route as with the Morning Magnificence Trip but provides cakes, tartlets and sandwiches that you could appreciate with high tea as well as the Dinner Cruise ship takes pride in an international dinner buffet.

postheadericon Mr And Mrs Gifts

I am very sure you would be agree with me if i say that handmade items for the mr and mrs gifts are crafted with full of love. A nice gift should be able to show all the care which had by the giver, and the giver also should know the receiver well so he or she will know what kind of gift which is wanted by the receiver. In simple term, gift is something which would be able to show the receiver all the giver’s love for her or him. It does not have to be only between a lover, it could be a family love, or the platonic love between best friend.

When you decide to give a handmade item as a gift to someone, that is means at that time you have declared how important is that person to you, so you are willing to spend your precious time to make that gift for him or her.

postheadericon Anti Growing old Cream – Why You Should Use One

If you have actually reached that point in life where you are tired of viewing weathered as well as growing old skin, you are probably seeking an anti-aging therapy. There are many different options out there – from laser therapies and also plastic surgery to chemical peels and Microdermabraision. One effective treatment that often ignored is an anti-aging lotion. Here are a couple of reasons why an anti-aging lotion might be the very best alternative.

1. Decreases the signs of aging

Among the largest bonus to consumeding an anti aging lotion is that you could perceive the results of the cream in a brief amount of time. Creams in the cream treatments aid to remove the dryness in the skin and also collagen dued to UV rays and natural age. These drinks additionally promote the elastin as well as collagen production bellaplex. This helps your skin’s durability as well as elasticity in order to protect against wrinkling as well as sagging. The minerals and also nutrients discovered in anti-aging lotions go deep into the skin to make sure that your skin looks healthy and also younger.

2. Durable results

Unlike other anti-aging therapies, anti growing old creams require antioxidants to deal with the reasons for the damages for the lasting instead of just providing your short-term outcomes. Treatments such as laser treatments as well as chemical peels provide great outcomes at the beginning, however since they do not give your skin featuring nutrients and also antioxidants, the indications of age will swiftly re-emerge. That would certainly would like to maintain going through the healing period and also concealing from the world continuously when they can simple apply the lotion as well as deal with their day.

3. Very little dangers as well as side effects

Therapies such as chemical peels and laser treatments really burn the area layers of the skin. You then need to take a few days off to offer your skin time to recover and also the swelling to decline. These burns as well as micro-sized lacerations could obtain infected. There is also the risk of hyperpigmentation, allergic reactions, and lots of other side results. With anti-aging creams, the side effects feasible are really light as well as typically only short-lived. One of the most common reaction you could come across is a slight tingling sensation while the antioxidants as well as other nutrients are being absorbed into your skin.

postheadericon About High Risk Merchant Accounts

Many people are highly interested in running online businesses that require little or no capital to earn more profit. By making use of High Risk Merchant Accounts, the company will be able to accept transactions through credit cards. Due to the convenient of having to pay via credit card, you can become profitable fast and efficiently. If you are considering the high risk, to get a merchant account could be very difficult.

At times, businesses that have merchant accounts like online casinos and adult websites are considered as high risk because they are more prone to be victims of fraud. Therefore, it is very important to get or maintain High Risk Merchant Accounts without spending too much of your hard earned. The nature of your merchant account is said to be high risk therefore expect a higher rate. There is no way by which you can go about it. For you to get cheap merchant account, you need to change your business into something that is not said to be of high risk.

postheadericon DIY photographer

With our DIY photobooth mobile app, you can get an instant photo collection. That is means, you do not have to looking everywhere to find all of your photos, because all of them are stored in the same one place, your own online photo gallery. If you are the wedding couples or the person who own the event, then you do not have to trouble yourself by looking for your family and friends Facebook, and send all the photos to them.

That is because they would be able to see and copy all the picture by themselves. All people who come to your event would be able to become an independent photographers. All of them can take the pictures, upload it to the app, and then if they want, they can print the photos instantly at that exact moment. For people who want to boast, they also can upload their photos at social medias.

postheadericon Choosing A Professional For The Task From The New Orleans Web Design Company BBB

Finding a web design professional on the internet has become a fairly simply task. These specialists have websites that detail their services and if their prices are not listed, a person can usually receive a quote within a reasonable amount of time. While there are lists of these professionals, it can be better to choose one from the New Orleans web design company BBB. With this online page, a person can browse through the companies that have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

The website for the New Orleans BBB includes the names of the accredited companies. Some of the information about each business is more detailed than others. The grade that the company has received is quite clearly displayed. The website contains an explanation for the grade. As a result, viewers can completely understand where the rating comes from. Often, individuals find that hiring a professional from this listing is helpful as they can find out more about the specialists prior to any initial consultation.

postheadericon Crazy88 – About Us

Crazy 88 believe it or not was formed only ten years ago by a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Julius Park in Elkridge MD. It was usually open for three nights every night, having a single class every night. The establishment has over the years grown and we now run two mixed martial art gym in Baltimore. Several Juijitsu lessons in Baltimore classes are offered to people of all ages having different levels of experience – jiujitsu lessons in baltimore.

The fact that we have a zero tolerance for meat heads should go to prove how professional and focused we are on our goal. We strive to help you grow yourself as you acquire the skills we train in. at the very end. Unlike other establishments who are only ought to get money, we will provide you with value for your money as well as time.

We operate in two main areas:-



ces or training classes that we provide are:-

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


Adult Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Private training

Mixed martial arts


Muay Thai Kickboxing

If you are looking to gain that discipline or the skills, for yourself or your loved one, give us a call and we will be more than willing to take care of your needs.

postheadericon v

What you need to know before opening your first restaurant written by: Phoenix_mkd You have always dreamed of opening your own restaurant and offering the best food in the area. You think that you can finally make this happen and you are ready to start living your dream. However, before you do anything else, make sure that you check out some tips from the best restaurant chain owners, like Roland Dickey Jr Networth. People like Roland have acquired much experience over the years and now, they are willing to share their knowledge with you, so that you succeed in the world of big restaurant brands.

According to Dickey, running a restaurant is a big challenge and you never know what to expect next. But, if things go the way you want them to, you can start planning on expanding the brand. Still, there is one thing that you must remember: no matter what you do, you must never forget the roots of your restaurant and how everything began. That way, you will always know which direction to take next.


Taking Dance lessons will definitely improve your lifestyle as you will be more confident to take to the stage or the dance floor and show case your dance moves. At dancelife studio, we offer you great dance lessons scheduling your lessons conveniently and coupling it with unbeatable charges. Even if you consider yourself to be having two left feet, don’t worry. Our talented and highly passionate tutors will help to move you from that level and make you great dancer and social performer who can even compete in dancing competitions and win prizes. For those who are a bit proficient in dancing the place for you is dancelife studio as we will give you lessons to do it professionally. You may also join our performance team and perform on various concerts, social events and dance competitions.

Dance lessons on offer:

1. Salsa-get the right moves for the rhythmic tunes of brass and congas.

2. Argentine Tango-it is taking the dance floors by a wave. Join us and we train you on the moves.

3. Latin and ballroom dance lessons -We will help you get the right moves for the likes of rumba and samba.

4. Wedding dance lessons- we will help you learn dance moves that will wow the crowd at your wedding.

5. Dance motion for men- specifically tailored for men who believe they cannot dance. Come and learn the basics.

For professional dance lessons join us and receive the best training on dancing and your life will never be the same again.

postheadericon Is Psoriasis Contagious? – Learn More About Psoriasis

is psoriasis contagious is a chronic and common skin disorder that usually causes patches of scaly, itchy and sometimes inflamed skin. These patches can appear anywhere on the body, but they usually appear on the hands, elbows, kneed, back, scalp or feet. In about fifty percent of active psoriasis cases, the toenails and fingernails are also affected. The symptoms of psoriasis vary greatly depending on the severity of the condition. The itchiness can be unpleasant, but the worst effects of this condition are often emotional. People who are suffering from severe psoriasis are at time overwhelmed by their condition. They become self conscious and may feel depressed and isolated. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for psoriasis, but there are numerous treatments that help keep this condition under control.

One of the things that people worry about whenever they see someone who is close to them suffering from psoriasis is whether they can acquire the disorder if they come into contact with that person

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A number of businesses and business owners do not quality for merchant account processing because of their business type or work. In that case business owners can go for high risk merchant account and they can get all those benefits that business can get with regular merchant account. For this requirement they can take the help of  and they can create this account in easy ways. Also, if they have any query for same, then this website can answer those queries as well in easy manner.

Other than merchant account, this website can also help you get high rick credit card and Electronic ACH check processing on urgent basis. So, in short I can say that if you have any business need related to account processing and you are not able to get a solution for that, then you can get in touch with this company and then they will help you in that.

postheadericon Enjoy a Seamless Forex Trading Experience with Plus500

Plus500 is a reputable forex trading broker with immense experience in the market. Plus500 is fames for its automatic no deposit sign up bonus and a free demonstration account that simulates the actual world of forex trading. Even if you are new to the world of forex trading, working with Plus500 guarantees you massive benefits.

The quality of customer support thats offered by the forex trading broker is one of the best and if you have a question, you can always reach the companys customer support team via a number of ways such as email and fax. Also, the software offers a free demonstration account which simulates real trading and so in the long run, you will be able to understand it takes to make a decent amount of money from forex trading.

The robust system offered by the broker provides more money making opportunities and minimal risks. This is of critical importance especially to a foreign exchange trader whose goal is to generate decent profits.


postheadericon Individuals had huge measure of inconveniences getting financial backing for pressing together advanced education

Individuals had huge measure of inconveniences getting financial backing for pressing together advanced education, before thoughts got to be favored. At the same time such isn’t the circumstance any longer. You’ll discover such a large number of firms that give number of choices suited to families with benefits that are distinctive. Anybody is presently ready to purchase arrange for that is awesome as opposed to stress over the not so distant future. Organizations that offer choices due to their inhabitants can be found by persons living in different countries. Contributing today can guarantee that folks get true serenity and kids can acquire information.

In Europe Information First Financial can be a trusted and productive organization that gives security. The organization is truly supported by folks from all over the place in light of the thoughts. Individuals with small income or significant pay could pick systems as per suitability and esteem and start with the benefits. Bunch thoughts are offered by the organization and individual projects so really here is a choice. The thoughts accessible with all the organization are not resolute so there are only positive edges with this heavenly administration supplier. Go to Knowledge First Financial Reviews

postheadericon Enjoy a Seamless Forex Trading Experience with Plus500

Plus500 is a reputable forex trading broker with immense experience in the market. Plus500 is fames for its automatic no deposit sign up bonus and a free demonstration account that simulates the actual world of forex trading. Even if you are new to the world of forex trading, working with Plus500 guarantees you massive benefits.

postheadericon A Black Aluminum Fence Might Be Best For Your Home For These Reasons

Are you looking for a good fence to include to your yard? Then a black aluminum fence might be simply exactly what you have actually been looking for. There are many reasons why this holds true and it is necessary for you to understand these reasons. With hardly any maintenance, this fence plays a big function in making your home look spectacular and trendy. This type of fence is extensively utilized in healthcare facilities, schools, homes and corporate structures as they assist in improving the aesthetic appeal to your facilities. Steel has the ability to withstand any quantity of wear and tear while maintaining a distinct sheen of its own. This type of fence is a bit pricey than the rest choices aluminum gates for aluminum fences.

Pet’s abilities. Canines discover many tricks that their owners teach them, however they likewise find out abilities by themselves. Numerous canine owners have actually experienced their animal open doors in their houses, and this does not restrict their capabilities to open a fence. When you have a clever canine is choosing the best gates, part of choosing the ideal aluminum or vinyl fence. There are child-safe gate alternatives and other locking systems that will help prevent your pet from escaping your yard. Have a canine that is smaller sized than 10-12 pounds? Then we have the Horizon style of fence. The pickets on this fence are closely spaced at 1.5? apart. The Horizon will certainly keep your pet dog in and other canines and animals out!

It is definitely a wise idea to get a complimentary quote for fencing before you make your decision. This will help you quickly discover the ideal fence for the finest cost possible. The good part about Aluminum Fence, instead of iron, is that it’s flexible and extremely light-weight. It’s not almost as difficult to shape as iron and, for that reason, much more economical. Even with a few of the more detailed designs on the marketplace, aluminum is a reasonable better deal that iron, wood, or even PVC. With that in mind, I required to find out exactly what sort of fence I was trying to find. After a great deal of research I finally picked among the Aluminum Fence styles readily available at a dealership who I liked, it was called “Hampton”. There were a lot more though, so it actually comes down to personal taste.

postheadericon What You Need To Know Before Opening Your First Restaurant

You have always dreamed of opening your own restaurant and offering the best food in the area. You think that you can finally make this happen and you are ready to start living your dream. However, before you do anything else, make sure that you check out some tips from the best restaurant chain owners, like Roland Dickey Jr Networth. People like Roland have acquired much experience over the years and now, they are willing to share their knowledge with you, so that you succeed in the world of big restaurant brands.

According to Dickey, running a restaurant is a big challenge and you never know what to expect next. But, if things go the way you want them to, you can start planning on expanding the brand. Still, there is one thing that you must remember: no matter what you do, you must never forget the roots of your restaurant and how everything began. That way, you will always know which direction to take next.

postheadericon Here is What Defines the Growth of any Brand – A Word From Dickey Jr Networth

Roland Dickey Jr Networth is the president of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants well established across Dallas. Throughout his career, Dickey has been able to master everything a business needs in order to expand and grow. He stresses sticking to the roots of a business or in other words, what brought the business first into the industry. This means that, as a business expands, the services or products it offers should never change much so that the brand grows stronger, and for the quality of products or services to be maintained.

The same principle has enabled Dickey’s to grow and gain a very loyal following from places the company initially presumed challenging. There is also the issue of communication, where the responsibility of every business should be to get feedback from customers concerning what the brand means to them. This way, if there be any adjustments to the way the business operates, the changes will be informed and timely.

postheadericon Roof Edge Protection

Our roof edge protection products are made to be able to meet all of your needs and preference. We are one of the leading supplier of roof edge protection products and handrail materials. We are very sure all of our high quality products would be able to ensure you and your team safety, without fail! Not many people can deal with height. However, people who work as building worker has a responsibility to install or fix a damage roof if needed. This is where the roof edge protection could be useful.

If you think that roof edge protection is used to protect your roof, then you are wrong. This thing is indeed created to protect, but not your roof, it is the people who are on the roof. It could be the roof repairman, for example. In fact, some countries even make a roof edge protection become a must whenever there is any roof project.

postheadericon Things Which Can Block Your Dream

Do you know? There are so many kinds of things which can prevent you to be able to fulfill your dream. It could be from within, or from outside. For example, maybe you have some physical condition in your body, and it is not matter what you do with your diet, what kind of healthy food which you eat, or what medicine which you have consume, that one problem seem cannot go away. If you have that kind of experience, then it is the best time for you to try iowaska ceremony.

I do not say that iowaska or ayahuasca can answer all your problems. Why? That is because this plant is not a magic pill or something like that. Basically, it is just a tool which you can use to heal yourself, help you evolve and grow, into something better. Do you want to find the truth or not?

postheadericon The netherlands

If you want to go to The netherlands, then you have to find out the exchange rate first. You can get the information at the internet. Some online converter currency can only calculate with the hard currency, so if you want to get the soft one, then you have to search the soft currency converter. The next important thing is the electric adapter. After all, in this modern day, almost all people will bring their electronic gadget with them.

You have to know that not every countries in the world have the same standard electric plug or adapter. You can search about the adapted information in the internet, and buy the adapter which you need. You also have to research the manner and the culture there. You can find the English wallpaper about the country which you want to visit, and read about that country information there, the culture, and such.

postheadericon PProfessional Calgary Moving Companies Can Relocate Your Personal Items and Furniture Safely and Securely

Professional calgary moving companies can relocate your personal items and furniture safely and securely. Always look for a company that doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to packing up your family’s precious belongings. All cartons should be appropriately-sized and clearly marked for easy unloading at trip’s end. Also, their employees should be trained in the proper hand-wrapping of fine china, crystal, and glassware as well as careful handling of other high-end items.

If needed, the company should be willing to make customized crates to safely transport family heirlooms, odd-sized breakables, and valuable paintings. If you are moving a great distance, you want to be sure that your load will always be kept safe and secure while in transit. The best companies will store your belongings in a dirt, dust, and humidity-free environment so that your things will look just as great at trip’s end as they did when they were in your home.

postheadericon Defensive Restaurant Dining

We all have our factors for eating far from house. Be it company, social, or just no time at all to cook-Americans consume about 4-5 dishes on the run and also away from their own residences every week. Research study seems to support that the more dishes wasted from residence, the more probable those meals are expensive in sodium, fats, as well as calories. Those unintended calories from dining away from residence can effortlessly equate to a bigger pants size quickly. If you find it essential to eat out greater than once a week, start some smart eating approaches that can help keep your trousers portion in check Waffle House prices.

Smart consuming requires us to handle our dining experiences far from home. It is consistently a great idea to plan your alternatives beforehand if possible.

Right here are some practical tips for doing this:

-Look for restaurants or carry-out alternatives with an array of menu items. That way, those that choose to eat healthy and balanced will have a lot more options.

-Consider evaluating food selections online before getting to the restaurant. Also if the nutrition details is not available, you could pre-plan your ideal healthy eating options and strategies ahead of time.

-When analyzing a menu, opt for entr es which are smoked, roasted, braised, poached, steamed, or baked. Avoid entr es which are called pan-fried, velvety, crispy, buttered, and battered.

-Order the routine of smaller sized choices if readily available, because a regular dining establishment entr e is normally adequate food to feed 2-3 individuals! The huge parts validate the food selection cost.

-Split a food selection thing to share at the eating establishment.

-Consider getting an appetizer as your entr e.

-Ask that high calorie dressings be served on the side as well as manage how much you consume.

-If offered bread, ask that it not be portioned. We have a tendency to overuse the calories from bread prior to our dish. This translates to excessive additional salt as well as a lot of calories. Adding the fresh butter to the bread is one more calorie pitfall.

-Demand that a “people” bag or foam box come when the dish is served. Take half of the meal and put in the bag or container prior to you go into your plated meal!

You can also engage in making good food substitutions. The more typically you do this, the simpler as well as even more organic it becomes. If you eat in restaurants commonly, it is a smart idea to recognize ways to make more healthy alternatives practically naturally. Right here are some easy food replacement methods to reduce your calories and remove the salt and also fat from your eating establishment dishes:

-Ask if light salad dressing is offered, but anticipate that it could not, and also consider bringing your very own pre-packaged light dressings if you delight in salads as well as consume them usually when eating in restaurants.

-Constantly change those french fries and chips with fresh fruit or a baked potato. Both options will be lesser in salt, essentially fat-free, and loaded with potassium and fiber.

-Keep in mind that calories come from beverages also. Alcohols could have a lot calories and also increase your appetite to boot! Take into consideration calorie-free alternatives such as carbonated water in a wine glass or a sugar-free soda.